Todd has a natural empathy which helps you get to the root cause of blockages fast and aids in forging a pathway to success.

My personal growth and improved sales were almost immediate the first time I worked with Todd in 2007. Since then, I continue to use the tools I learned and grew my business throughout the recession, often more than 35% per year. In 2012 my company was sold and I called on Todd to help me with the transition - he helped me create a new plan much more in keeping with my life goals.

Today I am delighted to begin living a full and exciting life that relies on my talents and skills. I highly recommend Todd to anyone who wants to get serious about a balanced life and a successful career. His holistic approach is much needed in today’s fast paced and often unbalanced world. You owe it to yourself!”
— Corporate Co-Founder - New York

As an Executive of a major medical device company, I had convinced myself that a busy work and travel schedule would force me to trudge through each day, while ignoring the need to manage my own health and well-being. Dismissing my own need to talk things out and accept direction from a professional, I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into anxiety and panic.  Todd’s services have been the perfect fit for my schedule. With the perfect mix of phone and face to face meetings, often times in the cities of my already-planned business meetings, I have been able to work through situations and issues that earlier had consumed me. Todd’s direction has provided me with tools to face everyday challenges and situations, both business and personal. And, as a result, I continue to grow stronger every day.
— Medical - Nationwide

While starting my own production company in Los Angeles, Todd has walked alongside me to maintain a positive and goal oriented attitude that is so crucial to survival and having a successful business and personal life. Todd molds and creates a personalized fit within my life that allows total freedom for my uncertain schedule. He is a first-class consultant and has created a unique and life changing program for me.
— Producer/Director - Los Angeles/New York

During my days on a leading television show, my life changed dramatically. Due to a life on the road, it became extremely difficult to find balance for my professional and personal life. I was not able to exceed in anything but my demanding music career. Todd was able to tour with me and was able to bring all the broken pieces of my life back together. No other professional, that I’m aware of, can afford the time for the unique one-on-one attention he gives. Todd has changed my life in ways I never thought possible!
— Entertainer - Nashville