Most people are vulnerable when they leave their treatment facility and enter "real life" again. ECLAT 365's Re-integration Program presents a unique level of support in making that transition as smooth as possible. Todd will collaborate with you and your treatment facility to assure that best aftercare plan is in place to meet your unique needs. He will meet you, on-site, the day of discharge, travel with you to anywhere your life takes you and mentor you in reclaiming a healthy and balanced life. This unparalleled on-site support is designed to enhance the quality of your relationships, career, financial status, health and peace.

Todd will also support you as you create a more ideal life. He will help you integrate into a new sober environment filled with an appropriate sobriety plan, education, spirituality, fitness, massage, and other wellness venues that interest you. He is there for you if your temptations begin to overwhelm you. He will provide you with therapy/coaching, as needed. His ultimate goal is to delicately balance being there for you while helping you to gain the confidence to a newfound independence. 

This program can be customized to your specific needs, but often ranges from four to twelve weeks of on-site support, followed by 24/7 on-call telephone support for the remainder of the year. Since Todd only accepts a small number of clients per year, if you need additional on-site support or motivation throughout the year, additional time can often be scheduled.